Master of  "Light on Color"

Gregory D. Lewis is an American fine art painter living and working in Springfield, New Jersey.  He attended the Art Students League in New York City from 1975 to 1982. In 1975 he won the Merrit scholarship and won additional scholarships the following years. He studied under the world-renowned American painters David Leffel and  Robert Beverly Hale whose influence is readily seen in Greg’s works. He has been a member of The Montclair Art Museum and his paintings have been shown there and in the Newark Museum of Art in Newark, New Jersey. He has garnered many juried show awards for his paintings. He has also been showcased in the Oradell Museum of Art in Bergen County, N.J. Greg was a member of the Salmagundi Artists Club in NYC during a previous United States Presidential administration where he was commissioned to do several private portraits of various members in the administration.


Having shared a 6000 square foot studio in The Iron Bound Section of Newark, NJ with fellow New Jersey Artist Lisa Pressman, Greg was handling numerous corporate and private commissions. Lisa was also becoming a very well-known artist throughout the country in her own right. Spending weeks each summer in Gloucester, Massachusetts painting seascapes, Greg was commissioned by the Vitella family to do a series of seascapes on the Cape. Mr. Lewis also won the Bering Faber Color Art Competition in Connecticut where Hollywood director Ron Howard resides and is among Greg's top collectors. Having been a graphic 3-D animation artist for many years, Greg generates a unique way of visualizing his fine art techniques prompting the creation of great depth of field in his use of light of which he calls "Light on Color TM"


“My ambition is to use the traditional chiaroscuro style of painting combined with my love for the Impressionist artists emphasizing the use of color and light. My goal has been to combine the two styles. The chiaroscuro painters turned the edges of objects by using the transition from light to dark, and the Impressionists, style do the same but using color to turn an edge. By using these two ideas in harmony it creates a classic look but adds a color depth to the paintings. 


When he is not painting, Greg is studying the works of other master artists deepening his appreciation for art history and technique. Having this unbounded curiosity in new techniques keeps him enthusiastic about his craft as a painter! He is particularly captivated by works from The American Impressionists that painted with George Innes in Montclair New Jersey. Extensively studying this collection of painters in the Montclair Art Museum.

An art scholar and as well as working artist, Greg combines his deep understanding and study of art history with his unique talent to create masterly works of his own. 

Gregory D. Lewis in the studio

Courtesy of The House Gallery

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